What’s a distinction?

Programme Assessment Criteria
Distinction Standard (70 – 100%)

Knowledge and Understanding:

  • Demonstrates broad and deep grasp of subject of investigation
  • Demonstrates awareness of alternative intellectual positions
  • Identifies and dissects key issues pertinent to the subject under investigation exhaustively
  • Competent use of appropriate theories, concepts and models to develop a sound and original discussion of topic.

Intellectual Skills:

  • Critical and reflexive engagement with the subject of investigation that questions received wisdom
  • Outlines any complexities in the subject of enquiry, leading to a well organised exposition
  • Provides insightful and/or original thinking on the subject
  • Demonstrates commendable ability to draw on suitable evidence, from published literature and from real life.
  • Makes competent use of primary, tertiary and secondary sources as may apply to task
  • Provides a detailed introduction and conclusion based upon logical connections and reasoned argument

Practical and Key/Transferable Skills:

  • Outstanding organisation, planning and execution of task
  • Establishes the basis of the task in hand, and the procedure, method and/or theoretical framework to be used to explore the task
  • Makes use of illustrations and examples in a relevant and thoughtful way
  • Outstanding presentation, meeting most of the guidelines stipulated in the assignment brief
  • Provides a coherent discussion, with high quality expression and engaging prose
  • Makes use of a consistent citation protocol and a detailed, well written bibliography

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