Assessment criteria

Assessment Criteria

Your project will be marked against the following criteria:

  • Knowledge and critical understanding of industry conventions and innovations;
  • the extent to which self-direction, originality and professionalism are demonstrated in the approach to problem solving;
  • critical evaluation and communication (inclusive of innovations, new hypotheses, practices, added value for a particular industry);
  • conclusions, reflection and insight of strategies for development.

Critical Evaluation

As with the Production Lab module it is important that you critically evaluate your production work. The evaluation of your MA by Practice project should be in the region of 3000 words in length.

We mark your work with reference to the evaluation so you should relate your
evaluation against the marking criteria for the project to help our  understanding of your achievements. You should avoid simply telling us what happened during the project development and instead demonstrate what you have learned from this experience and what this means to your ongoing professional development.

A suggested guide as to how you might structure your evaluation would be:

1. Brief summary of the project – (work carried out, roles performed; the
contribution of others)

2. Review of the process – (survey of the process of translating the original
proposal idea into the finished product or services; rationale for choices
made in style, content, and technique including options discounted; problems
encountered, solutions reached; success of the project in terms of its original
aims; your strengths and weaknesses)

3. Evaluation of the finished product or service in its professional context – (strengths and weaknesses in relation to current practice/examples; verdict of clients; possible developments or improvements; specific issues relating to the creative industries)

4. Reflections on the medium and the process – (what the experience has taught you about the process, your management of it, about current practice and about the medium you have employed)

5. Personal and Professional development – (in what ways has the project enhanced your personal and professional skills and contributed to your
professional future.)

Where appropriate you should use relevant secondary sources to support your
evaluation. You should follow the guidance given as part of Production Lab about reflective writing and the utilisation of secondary sources.

An approach to developing the final evaluation may be to use an informal diary, or blog, which you keep throughout the project. Each entry should state what you did, and how it related to the assignment as a whole. Along the way you might comment on problems you encountered and how you attempted to solve them, making reference to how your approach to the project developed in the light of your experiences.

The evaluation is not marked separately but contributes to the mark you are given for the Production Project as a whole.

As appropriate your submission should include:



List, in alphabetical order by surname, all the works consulted for the project. Dates of publication, plus city of publication and the name of publisher should be included. Refer to notes on  referencing convention and be aware that the university prefers the Harvard system.

Importantly, whichever system you opt for, consistency is the golden rule. Do not mix referencing conventions in the same work!

Depending upon the form of your submission, include as appropriate, information such as contracts, prototype designs, letters sent or received that supports insight into your project and the critical evaluation. Other data that is large enough to disrupt the flow of discussion if inserted in the main text may also be included.



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