Another guide to what I’m meant to do

7 Sep

From Paul:

This is what your project is assessed on:

Utilise a knowledge and critical understanding of professional conventions and possible innovations in an appropriate area of professional practice;
TRANSLATION: What conventions are you adopting? What innovations are you exploring?
Plan and implement an appropriate production project which will solve contemporary problems of professional practice, and deal creatively with complex issues;
TRANSLATION: What problems are you trying to solve? What problems came up during the project that you had to deal with – and how?
Critically evaluate project products and processes in relation to industry norms, current trends and opportunities, and communicate their conclusions clearly to specialist and non-specialist audiences;
TRANSLATION: What have other people done in the same field/problems? How did you adapt that?
Reflect on the process of media and cultural production and evaluate the usefulness of the knowledge and skill developed as strategies for professional advancement.
TRANSLATION: What did you learn, and how can/have you communicate/d that to the industry?

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