The top-ranked site on St Helena is in, er, Sweden…

5 Sep

Interesting to learn that St Helena Online is now the most active website relating to the island. The one in the South Atlantic, anyway.

There’s perhaps a tendency for webmasters to link to other sites because of a perception that they’re, I don’t know, more “official”… the St Helena Broadcasting Corp, for instance, is government funded at the moment, and is at least based on the island, and run by Saints, which gives it quite a claim.

Actually, though, the biggest hitter of the lot is a site that now just ticks over gently. was set up in Sweden in 1996 and according to the home page has been visited by a million users. And now it links to St Helena Online, for which I’m grateful. 

So the highest ranked and most active sites for St Helena are both a long way away, in a different hemisphere, even., which is at least run by a Saint, is also UK-based and one of the highest ranked. Interesting.

On the island, the main media outlet is Saint FM, and its partner, The St Helena Independent. They’re not St Helenian either: they were set up by another Swede.


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